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"I have seen firsthand how systems work against people, but I kept fighting. There is a necessity for elected officials to be stewards not just holders. That's why I am in this race because I believe that good people in a good government can do good things." - Bryce Berry

Education is the gateway to a better future. However, children of District 56 disproportionally receive the tail end of the stick when it comes to getting a proper education. This is what I believe we can do to provide every child with a quality education in our District.

1) Raising Teacher Pay:

  • Advocate for a continual significant increase in teacher salaries to attract and retain high-quality educators in Georgia that indexes teacher pay to inflation rate.

2) Improving School Infrastructure:

  • Prioritize investment in school infrastructure to ensure that all students have access to safe and modern learning environments.

  • Support state funding for school construction and renovation projects, including efforts to reduce overcrowding and address deferred maintenance.

3) Fully Funding Public Schools:

  • Increase and adjust Georgia's QBE for a fair and adequate school funding formula that considers the needs of low-income students, English language learners, and students with disabilities.

4) Expanding Access to Pre-K:

  • Using surplus money in the state education lottery to promote the expansion of high-quality pre-K programs, making them free and accessible to all eligible children in Georgia.

5) Reducing Standardized Testing:

  • Advocate for a reduction in high stakes standardized testing and a move towards performance assessments that measure a broader range of student abilities.

  • Support legislation that allows teachers more flexibility in the classroom, focusing on individual student growth and learning.


The home is the foundation of a community. Far too commonly, we are seeing the price of housing rise and folks systematically displaced from their homes. This is what I believe we can accomplish together.

1) Strong Tenant Protections:

  • Advocate for robust tenant protections, including limitations on rent increases, just-cause eviction policies, and the right to organize tenant unions.

2) Cracking Down on Slumlords:​

  • Support legislation that holds slumlords accountable through fines, penalties, and potential property seizures if they fail to meet housing quality standards.

3) Expanding Rental Assistance Programs:

  • Promote the expansion of rental assistance programs to help low-income individuals and families afford safe and stable housing.

  • Seek partnerships with federal and local agencies to increase the availability of rental subsidies and emergency rent relief programs.

4) Anti-Displacement Measures:

  • Support the establishment of community land trusts to acquire and manage land on behalf of the community, preventing displacement and ensuring long-term affordability.

  • Explore property tax reforms that protect long-term homeowners from being forced to sell due to rising property values.

5) Equitable Development:

  • Pass a bipartisan law similar to ones passed in other southern states and in Georgia localities that require developers to negotiate and sign Community Benefit Agreements that commit to providing community benefits, such as affordable housing, local job opportunities, and green spaces, in exchange for development rights.

6) Community Empowerment:

  • Pass a law that requires community involvement in the planning and development process, ensuring that local residents have a voice in shaping their neighborhoods' future.

7) Data Collection and Transparency:

  • Require comprehensive assessments of the potential impacts of development projects on existing communities, including displacement risks, before granting permits.

  • Make gentrification data publicly available and easily accessible, ensuring that residents, activists, and policymakers can monitor the situation and hold stakeholders accountable.

Economic Development

Everybody wants a chance to get ahead. For too long, residents in Bankhead have seen investment, tax cuts and opportunity go to residents in Buckhead. That must change, this is what we can do:

1) Raising the Minimum Wage:

  • Advocate for a phased increase in the minimum wage to a livable wage, aligning with policies successfully implemented in other states.

  • Support annual adjustments for inflation to ensure that the minimum wage keeps pace with the rising cost of living.

2) Small Business Tax Credits:​​

  • Provide tax incentives for small businesses that offer fair wages, healthcare benefits, and demonstrate sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

3) Equitable Contracts:

  • Encourage state agencies to work with disadvantaged businesses and provide resources to help them compete on a level playing field.

4) Green and Sustainable Initiatives:

  • Utilize federal funds to support green infrastructure and sustainability projects that create jobs and foster a more environmentally responsible economy.

5) Affordable Housing and Urban Development:

  • Advocate for policies that encourage mixed-income housing developments, zoning reforms, and investments in public transportation to reduce commuting costs for low-income workers.


Georgia consistently ranks among the lowest in the nation in terms of quality of our healthcare system. It goes beyond expanding Medicaid, which is still a must, but this is what we must do to better the outcomes for resident​s.


1) Expanding Medicaid Access:

  • Go beyond Gov. Kemp’s piecemeal solution to Medicaid expansion and fully expand Medicaid to ensure that more Georgians have access to affordable healthcare coverage.

  • Support legislation that closes the coverage gap, allowing low-income individuals and families to access essential healthcare services.

2) Reproductive Rights and Healthcare:

  • Repeal Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill and return reproductive healthcare decisions to women and their doctors.

  • Promote access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, including family planning, contraception, and safe and legal abortion services.

3) Investing in Community Health Care Centers and Clinics:

  • Prioritize the funding and development of community health care centers and clinics to increase accessibility to primary and preventative care services in underserved areas.

  • Support programs that expand the healthcare workforce, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to ensure that these centers can meet the needs of the local communities.

4) Addressing Health Disparities:

  • Advocate for policies that focus on equitable healthcare delivery, addressing the unique needs of our marginalized community, and improving the overall health and well-being of all residents in Georgia.

5) Mental Health and Addiction Services:

  • Continue to invest in mental health and addiction services to ensure that those struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse have access to the necessary treatment and support.

6) Gun Control:

  • Declare gun violence a public health emergency in the State of Georgia and allocate resources to prevention

  • Champion common-sense gun control measures that prioritize public safety while respecting Second Amendment rights.

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